Friday, March 30, 2007

We Have Color

It's yellow, of course. But still, color!

Cathy came out and helped us today, and she tackled the dining room. It turned out a little more yellow than expected, but I think the wood floors and adjacent khaki walls will mellow it a bit. I hope.

Meanwhile, I worked on--yes, once again--the blasted ceilings. Living room is taped and ready for wall paint. Master bed, living room, and dining room have finished ceilings. Study has 1 coat. Bathrooms, hall, and guest room have patches of the new color (it made sense at the time).

Matt continued to caulk the kitchen ceiling. This could well keep him occupied for the next week, I'm afraid. Big ceiling, lots of gaps.

Some of the paint weirdness is definitely NOT my fault. For example, Lowe's sold me 1 sample and 1 gallon of Mellow Sage. Below to the right are test samples from each can.
Rather like a Rothko, no?

I think we can agree that these are not the same color. After further research, I think the sample guy (stoned?) gave me Nutria, not Mellow Sage. Sheesh.

Tomorrow my very nice brother and his fiance come to help us with more paint, thank heavens. I'm going to try to limit their exposure to ceiling painting (the bathrooms, the hall, the guest suite, the stairwell--aaaiiiigh!) and have them focusing on wall color instead. Living room and master bed first, I think, followed by the study, which is my riskiest color choice--Oak Cask, a sort of deep golden tan.

Matt insisted I leave at a reasonable hour after I suggested--at 7 o'clock at night--that if he were hungry he could run to a nearby Sonic for breakfast. Those paint fumes are killer. My remaining brain cells and I are off to try to shower at least the top layer of grime off my skin.

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