Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Pix!

We close tomorrow!

We did our final walk-through this evening to make sure everything was as we expected it to be.

It was.

We also measured various floors that were going to need new coverings and took pix.

Consequently, I've updated the website. Look for new pix on the
master bath
living room
dining room
master bedroom

Plus, check out 3 new pages:
wetbar (yup! we have a wetbar! well, sort of.)
east yard

We also stopped by Home Depot for the first (of, one imagines, very, very many) installments of home repair supplies, courtesy of Aunt Pauline's gift card (thanks Aunt Pauline!)

Our first purchases: painting supplies and a crowbar. Somehow seems symbolic.

Am now a bit pooped. Must rest up for the big day tomorrow!

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