Sunday, March 25, 2007


I made this image (see Exhibit A below) thinking it would show off all the hard work we've done. Pitiful, no? We've now got 3 days left(!) till closing, so we'll be able to get a little more done before we have to turn all our attention to painting and refinishing floors in the new house, butI have to say, I'm a little discouraged. In our defense, we did have to give the place a seriously hard clean in order to show it to potential future renters. This involved chasing down feral dust bunnies, excavations in the closet to reveal bits of floor that haven't seen the light of day in months, and--product of my recent instructional design work in real estate--"staging" the home for maximum appeal. So it was rather time consuming. But there is no longer time for shilly-shallying. I've prepared and packed all of my lunches for the week. I'm going to crock-pot the week's dinners tonight (thanks again, Ladonna, for the crockpot. We're doing our best to wear the thing out. Cuban chicken. Ale-braised short ribs. Corned beef. Mmmmm...). Eyes on the prize. Look neither right nor left. From here on out, we've got to pack like we mean it.

Exhibit A: Our progress from Wed. till Sun. Oh well.

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