Monday, March 19, 2007


Only 9 days till the closing!

We just got the results of our survey in today, so we know that our land is exactly 0.476 acres, that part of it (including the larger shed) extends onto a "vacated alley," and that it "begins at a called and found 1/2-inch iron pipe at the intersection of the southerly line of North Avenue F, and the westerly line of 10th street, thence S 29 degrees 47' 41" W..." and so on.

The vacated alley makes me a little uneasy, but since the land, alley and all, was "conveyed" to the previous owner about 8 years ago, I'm assuming it's all cool. Hopefully Mary will be able to reassure us on this point.

The little chart is ever so entrancing--it makes it all seem so much more real. It also highlights the awkwardness of the placement of most of the secondary buildings and hardscapes, but I just view that as a challenge. If the house had been perfect, what would I do with myself? Nothing to plan or do--no fun at all.

The accompanying text, on the other hand, is entirely impenetrable.

In any event, minus the gobbledegook, here's a rough representation of the land and buildings:

The whole thing is pretty self-explanatory, I think, except for the lines with the little Xs on them--that's a hurricane fence. So that's gotta go. Good thing Matt's got strong arms.

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