Friday, March 30, 2007

Still Painting Ceilings

2 completed, 1 has its first layer but not its edging, and the guest ceiling just has a giant splodge of plaint where I used up the remainder in the tray Wed. night.

It obviously makes sense to paint the ceilings first, but it's not the most rewarding kind of painting. The ceilings were white (if smudgy and dingy) before, and now, after all our hard work, they're... white. (Actually, a slightly yellowy white. You know my propensities.)

So we're starving for color. But I leave work early today, so we should be able to finish the downstairs ceilings at least and give one of the rooms its first coat of color.

We had our first meal at the house yesterday. It was Matt's birthday, so we had cheese and salami on a baguette on the front porch. It's a nice porch.

During the ceiling work, we've been swathing the fans in plastic to protect them from drips, which somehow makes me think of giant Miss Havishams--ghostly yet bridal. Except for the blue painter's tape. I'm pretty sure Miss H didn't accessorize with adhesives.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

We had a very pleasant visit with your folks this week in New Orleans. We all enjoyed your frequent updates and pictures. They are great.

I love the picture today of the swathed fan and the reference to Miss Havishams. Nice ceiling job!

David and I hope you will continue to make good progress with the painting this weekend. We will look forward to pictures of rooms with color soon!

And, a belated happy birthday to Matt.

Aunt Pauline

Elgin_house said...

Thanks, Aunt Pauline. Writing about it at the end of the day is kind of cathartic, plus I like keeping a record. I think (hope) that when the renovations are all done and we're lounging at our ease in our lovely and stylish new study, we can surf back through this blog and chortle comfortably at how far we will have come.

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