Sunday, September 28, 2008

Le sofa est mort... Vive le sofa!

We evicted the old sofa today (and added some scratches to our bamboo floor, sadly. It opted not to go gently into that good night).

It was an 8-foot-long sleeper, and it weighed a ton. Two moves ago, as our moving guys struggled to maneuver the thing up a set of apartment stairs, my well-used old sofa--the cradle of my infancy (and my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, come to think of it) was disrespectfully referred to as a "motherfucker." We managed to heave the old thing out the front door without a single curse, but that's probably because all our breath was being used to grunt.
The Final Egress of the Sofa

We somehow wrangled the beast into Matt's trailer. He'll be taking it to his folks' property at Dale. Two's going down, but ain't but one's coming back.

I believe it will be a gory scene of dismemberment and immolation.

We're gonna take a little ride...

The new hotness is supposed to arrive this Tuesday. Farewell old sofa.


Katie said...

It's just going to the farm, right, to breathe the fresh air and play with the goats? Right?

Cathy said...

I'm kinda sad. I can't remember how many times I've slept on that sofa. Ah well - one can hope the new sofa will have the comfort of the old (it really wasn't bad) with a little more curb appeal (sadly lacking in former sofa.)

Elgin House said...

The new sofa has arrived and, Cathy, it's _even more comfortable_ than the old sofa. I know I'm partial, but I'm pretty sure it's also more aesthetically appealing. Yeah, Kate... it's gone to play with the goats... that's right...

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