Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ug. Cameraphone.

(Note: Now that my camera is back in operation, I've added better photos to this entry. But I kept the original cameraphone pix for their quaint appeal.--MU)

So I'm waiting on my battery charger, but in the interim I couldn't stand not doing a little documenting, which meant that I had to rely on my camera phone. The results, though they have a kind of numinous, almost mystical appeal, lack a certain je ne se quoi as far as detail and realism are concerned. I had to jimmy with the one below in Photoshop for the blinds to show up at all. What this is meant to convey is that we just bought our first shipment of plantation blinds and installed them in the living room. Eventually, we'll buy three more sets for the master bed, as well.

For the dining room, my current ambition (pipe dream?) is custom shutters. The kitchen (thanks again Ladonna!) is fixed up with a valance/blind combo. And Mom doesn't know it yet (hi Mom!), but I'm hoping to draft her into the effort of making Roman shades for the study. But that's a ways down the road. For now, we're just excited about the living room.

This is our manky old shed. Matt totally kicked its booty. Some locals with a truck are coming by today to drag off the refuse. Note the half a chinaberry. That's on the project list as well, poor doomed thing.

The shed was on a concrete pad, and Matt's going to use that as the foundation for a small greenhouse (or orangery, as I like to think of it. We do have several small citrus trees that will need to shelter there in the winter, so it isn't completely pretentious of me).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

We like the new blinds. Very nice!

And about those Roman Shades you hope to make with your mom -- I am sure she is up to the task. If the two of you need some nice instructions with pictures, I just happen to have some in one of my books. The instructions were great, and David and I were successful in using them to make a RS for our computer room window. I'll be sure to share those instructions with your mom during our next visit. After all, what is a big sister for! She probably needs another project anyway.

Aunt Pauline

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