Monday, July 23, 2007

Potter-related Hiatus

This was a slow weekend on the house as I went into total media lockdown in order to read the last Harry Potter without fear of spoilers. (True story: so I'm driving home from Wal-mart at 5 in the morning on Saturday, freshly minted Harry Potter novel sitting on the front seat next to me, and I think it's probably safe to chance the local classical music station--what are the odds they're going to let slip some key information about the wrap-up of the new book? About 5 minutes later the announcer comes on and says, "People are lining up around the world for the new Harry Potter novel! In Australia, a little girl got her copy, flipped right to the end of the book and--" Fortunately, I turned the radio off in time. I drove home in silence.)

However, we did buy a new toilet for the master bath (its predecessor was leaky. Matt had tried new valves, new wax rings, even a "superflange," to no avail. So we decided it was time to replace the whole darn thing) and Matt "The Beastmaster" installed it. Homeownership changes how you see things. I actually think our new toilet is kind of... pretty.

I also finally broke down and screwed a bunch of faceplates back in. I had left them off with the intention of replacing all of the mis-matched battered old beige outlets and switches someday. It's a dream I keep alive, but after 4 months in the house, it's becoming apparent that other concerns (viz., the new toilet, the baseboards, refinishing the tubs, new light fixtures, mulch and edging...) are going to continue to trump the gentrification of our outlets for the foreseeable future. Anyway, I realized, to my horror, that I was getting used to gaping holes in my wall. Not good. So the plates are back in their rightful, scruffy places.

We've got an action plan for next weekend, and I was awarded a little extra PTO at work for finishing a thorny project, so I think we'll be able to unleash some kickass on the baseboards soon.

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