Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The painting NEVER ENDS

It's hard to believe, but 2 weeks after purchasing the house, we are STILL PAINTING. Closet in the study, baseboards in the living room, trim in the kitchen, doors in the study and master bath...

As we have to move out of our rental by the 20th, it's a pretty safe bet that we'll be moving in before the floors are done. Especially as the floor guys won't be able to install that Berber carpet for another 2 weeks(!). So all our furniture will be clumped in a huddled mass in one room while we frantically finish the rest of the house.

The less grumpy news is that the Ks told us we can get cheap Pergo at Costco. In fact, when we investigated we found that they had a style of laminate we didn't care for, but better still, they had real bamboo for less than half the Lowe's price of Pergo. Yay bamboo!

It's so cheap that it's actually only slightly more than our cheap carpet, plus (unlike the carpet) it comes with a 25-year warranty. So instead of floating Pergo, we'll be nail-gunning bamboo. Yup, we're intimidated. Never used a nail gun before. But necessity is the mother of competence, right? Or something like that? And, hey, we've sure learned how to paint these past two weeks. How much harder can flooring be?

On the subject of painting, the yellow closets were such a resounding success that I decided duplicate it in the study with leftover Window Box (not Flower Bucket--I keep getting the name confused.) The picture below gives you some idea of just why Matt objected to this color so strenuously.

Incidentally, Blogger struck a deal with Picasa to compile pix from our blogs into photo albums, so if you'd like to see all my house pix in one place, check out the collected house pix on Picasa.

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