Friday, April 20, 2007

Moved In

First, a quick update on the bamboo.

Matt installed the bamboo in the living (except for a little strip at the edges), so both rooms are more or less done. We'll need to put in quarter round shoe molding at some later date, but more pressing needs have overtaken us, and piddly little details like finishing off the flooring have been deprioritized.

The floors, I think, look terrific. They definitively assign the house a remodeled--as opposed to renovated--aesthetic, but given that the bulk of our furniture is semi-disposable Danish modern from Ikea, that was probably inevitable. And simpler. I toyed with trying to make the decor more antiquey and traditional, but that would have been difficult, expensive, and maybe not really in character anyway.

We spent Wednesday night, Thurs, and today moving everything from the old place.

We. Have. Too. Much. Stuff.

I'm not moving again until we can afford to pay someone else to do the moving for us. And Matt's really done the lion's share of the heavy moving--after a while I wimp out and do the sissy tasks, like putting down shelf paper and unpacking the DVDs.

The really grim thing is that since the tile and carpet aren't down yet, we're going to be shuffling our belongings from room to room while the installers come in to do their thing over the next few weeks. We're starting to finalize the living room and kitchen, but pretty soon we'll be using them as temporary storage for the towers of boxes and furniture currently stacked in the master bed and study. The thought of all of that extended moving makes me cringe.

We've been sleeping on the sofabed in the living room, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you squint, it almost looks a like a residence, rather than a war zone. The paint, which caused us so much trouble, is finally starting to look as I had intended--cozy, warm, fresh, stylish (I hope). The furniture and the bamboo really make it all make sense. That, and removing the blue painter's tape.

That's in the public rooms of the house--the master bed and study are big question marks--I still can't tell how they'll turn out.

In the meantime, I'm getting my daily supplement of homeliness from the living room, where we have a bed of sorts, a clock, and an internet connection.

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