Friday, March 11, 2011

Roses of Interest

I'm making a list of roses I covet. It's a long list.

Queen Victoria-related:

My dissertation (in what now seems like another lifetime) had to do with Queen Victoria, so I'd like to collect at least a few of the scores of plants named in her honor.

Reine Victoria (#1 - Tea, light yellow; 1837 - Vissley Vandaël, Paris, France - lost?)
Queen Victoria (#1 - Hybrid Perp, mauve; 1840 - Laffay, France)
Queen Victoria (#2 -Tea, salmon; 1844 — M. Bélot-Défougère, France - aka 'Souvenir d'un Ami')
Queen Victoria (#3 -Hybrid Perp, white/pink; 1850 - Fontaine/A. Paul, United Kingdom - aka 'La Reine à fleurs blanches' - lost?)
Queen Victoria (#4 - Hybrid Perp, white/blend; ca.1860- Jacques-Julien, Jules Margottin Père & Fils, France - aka 'White La Reine' Is this truly different from the one above? Lost?)
La Reine Victoria (#2 - Bourbon, carmine pink; 1872 - Joseph Schwartz, France - aka 'The Shell Rose')
Queen Victoria (#5 - Tea, light pink; 1872 - Eugène Labruyére - lost?)

On the left, the one 'La Reine Victoria' that is reliably commercially available today (Schwartz, 1872--pic from Apuldram Roses), and on the right, a cartoon from early in Victoria's reign, depicting her as "The Rose of England"

Kronprinzessin Viktoria (Bourbon, cream/yellow - 1888 - Vollert/Späth?, Germany - aka 'Yellow Souvenir de la Malmaison')
'Kronprinzessin Viktoria' - pic by frederic on

This is one I particularly want: 'Kronprinzessin Viktoria,' named for the queen's eldest daughter. It's the ivory-colored sport of the fabulous 'Souvenir de la Malmaison.' We've already got one rose named for this same individual in our garden: 'Kaiserin Friedrich,' which is the title she took when her husband, Friedrich, became the German emperor.

Other Long-Desired:

Fortune's Double Yellow ( species, yellow/copper/salmon; bef.1845 - Robert Fortune, UK)
Abraham Darby (shrub, apricot; 1985 - Austin, UK [AUScot])
Ballerina (Hybrid Musk, pink/white; 1937 - Bentall, UK)
Basye's Purple (rugosa, mauve; 1968 - Basye, US)
Basye's Blueberry (shrub, pink; 1982 - Basye, US)
Chestnut Rose (species, pink; R. roxburghii, Asia)
Eglantine Rose (species, light pink; R. sylvestris odora, Europe)
Green Rose (China, green; bef.1845, disc. Bambridge & Harrison, China)
Madame Hardy (Alba/Centifolia/Damask, white; 1832, Eugene/Julien-Alexandre Hardy, France, aka 'Felicite Hardy'. Extreme blackspot resistance)
Madame Plantier (China/Noisette[??], white; 1835, Plantier, France, aka 'The Bride's Rose')
Spice (Bermuda/China, white)
White Pearl in Red Dragon's Mouth (China, red w occasional white streaks; aka 'Chi Long Han Zhu')
Winecup (found rose, burgundy--put at Cl Cecile Brunner's feet)

Maman Cochet (light pink; 1892 - Scipion Cochet, aka "Mrs Morgan's Delight")
Mrs BR Cant (deep pink; 1901 - Benjamin R Cant & Sons, aka 'Mrs Benjamin R Cant')
Adam (pale pink; 1838 - Adam, Rheims, France, aka 'President')
Gloire de Dijon (Tea Noisette, pale salmon/pink; 1850 - Henri Jacotot, France, aka 'Glory John')
Général Galliéni (dark pink to yellow; 1899 - Gilbert Nabonnand, France)
Madame Wagram, Comtesse de Turenne (pink; 1894 - Alexandre Bernaix, France)
Perle des Jardins (yellow; 1874 - Antoine Levet, pere, France)
Tipsy Imperial Concubine (pink blend; 1982 - Hazel le Rougetel, found China)
Clementina Carbonieri (salmon/pink/yellow; 1913 - Gaetano Bonfiglioli & figlio, Italy)
Francis Dubreuil (dark red; 1894, Francis Dubreuil, France [in US, probably actually 'Barcelona'])
English Roses
Gentle Hermione (alternate: Queen of Sweden)
Tradescant (alternate: Falstaff)
A Shropshire Lad
Abraham Darby
Jude the Obscure
Crocus Rose (alternate: Glamis Castle)

Hot Cocoa (brownish orange/red, Floribunda; 2003 - Carruth (Weeks) )
Honey Dijon (tan/yellow Grandiflora; 2005 - Sproul (Weeks))
Pearl d'Or (shrub; 1883 - Rambaux, Dubreuil, France)
Mme. Pierre Oger (Bourbon, pale pink; 1878 - Verdier, France)

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