Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fireplace Progress

We've got our first two layers of paint on the new fireplace. I'll put on a third layer tomorrow or Friday, and then we can move our books in. Hurrah for new bookshelves!

The bare parts are where the tiles are going to go.

Weirdly, neither of the two plumbers I've left vmails with have called me back about hooking this thing up. Not sure what to make of that. Also, we can't put in the tile until the gas is hooked up, so plumberly coyness is putting the whole project on hold. (Except for the painting, naturally. In my dreams I see sinister black-robed paint cans aspirating, "Luuuke, I am your destiny...")

Still need to order the tile, as well. Have narrowed it down to two suppliers--just need to make time to wrap up the deal. Will be Mexican brown glazed squares with sort of blotchy, Arts-and-Crafts-Movement-y coloring.

And also, Matt needs to install an outlet in one of the bookshelves into which we can plug the fireplace's fan unit.

So, there remains much to do on this one. But just installing the books on the shelves will be pretty thrilling.

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