Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little Red Taco Wagon (Dos Amigos)

My path & the little red taco wagon's finally intersected at a time when the thing is actually open (it's called "Dos Amigos," but its most noticeable feature is that it is a trailer that's painted bright red).

Since they don't post their hours and don't appear to have a website, I asked at the window. For future reference:
Saturday: 6:30am - 3:(30?)pm
Sunday: 8am - 2pm

On Saturdays, they have fajitas, tacos, elotes, and quesadillas. On Sundays, they have carnitas & some other stuff.

For those of you who have never been, Dos Amigos is located in an empty lot on the eastern leg of Main Street here in Elgin. There is only one window, and the line is long, so you don't want to lollygag. Make up your mind quickly and deliver your order snappily. The majority (about 2/3) of the clientele are Hispanic (always a good sign for a taco shack), but no Spanish is necessary to place your order.

I mention all this because their tacos are deee-licious. They actually smoke the meat in a big pit out front, so their chicken fajita tacos are beautifully tender and wood-smoky and meaty.

The tacos come with a layer of soft stewed beans at the bottom, a heaping serving of meat above, and a couple of generous spoonfuls of salsa on top (available on the side if requested, but as it's a surprisingly mild salsa, I wouldn't bother). Even the beans are good--a little smoky themselves, and cooked down to a moist flavorfulness. Easily the best tacos in Elgin, and honestly, I can't think offhand of any chicken fajitas tacos from anywhere else that I prefer.

Thank you, Dos Amigos! Long may you smolder!

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Ms. Ladonna said...

OK, I know what I want the next road trip we make to your area again!

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