Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Elgin's Elected Representatives

I've often wished I had a handy, compact list of my various elected officials. So I finally made one. Note that most of the links below are to online contact forms. Most of my state & national elected representatives don't have the stones to put their actual email addresses out there--instead, they want us to contact them through the more mediated and less convenient medium of their websites. Whatever.

(Don't live in Elgin? You too can find your representatives at: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/ or at http://capwiz.com/seiuorg/dbq/officials/, which lets you search by address, in case your zip code is split, district-wise. Plus, it briefs you on all the top issues of concern to the Service Employees International Union. Handy!)

U.S. President - Barack Obama

U.S. Senators - Senator John Cornyn & Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

U.S. Representative - Congressional District 10--Congressman Michael T. McCaul

Texas State Senator - Senate District 18--Senator Glenn Hegar

Texas State Representative - House District 17--Representative Tim Kleinschmidt

Texas State Board of Education Member - SBOE District 10--[the bat-shit crazy] Cynthia Dunbar

Elgin Mayor - Marc Holm

Elgin City Council - Ward 3 - Chris Cannon & Pat Frenzel

Use them together; use them in peace, as Arthur C Clark* exhorted. Mind you, he was speaking of Jupiter's moon Europa, not of some politician's contact info, but I think the message translates.


*Oh, bugger. It wasn't Arthur C. Clark. It was Peter Hyams, the guy who wrote the screenplay for 2010. Sounded a lot more impressive when I could legitimately claim it was Clark.

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