Sunday, April 12, 2009

Curtain Stats

Looking back, I didn't do a very good job of organizing information in my last entry. In preparation for Mom's big sewing visit next weekend, I'm going to tidy up all the curtain info in this entry.

Embroidered blue pseudo-silk ("Belvedere Federal Blue") - 26' 10" long, 59" wide - very little gathering/bunching
brown gauze - 5' 9" long, 59" wide
brown chenille/ultrasuede/velvet/what-have-you - ? - 10" panels on either side of the blue on the east/8" on the south, to bunched/gathered 2.5 x the width
curtain backing for blue panels - 26' 10" long
curtain backing for brown panels - ?

Belvedere Federal Blue fabric sample

Velvet/velvetine/velour/chenille brown panels on the sides, the same material as rod pockets, and central panels made of opaque blue embroidered "silk" on the bottom and super-sheer brown gauze at the top.

Detail of the multi-panel curtains at Chez Zee, which are the models for our curtains


Closeup of rod we'll be using--obviously in need of improved finial. Note that curtains--unlike old sheets--will hang via pockets, not clamps.

View 2 of curtain rod

Shopping List

Mom's Questions
For the south side door and window-

For the east side window-

Here are the window measurements we took last year.

East side double window. Note that the window cavity is taller on one side than on other--house is a wee bit crooked.
South side window and door

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