Saturday, May 31, 2008


"I do love a good tree."
-- Alan Quartermain (H. Rider Haggard)

Matt's dad, Chuck, just found a bunch of trees on sale, and he very sweetly gave us two baldcypresses (you may remember that our landscape plan includes 2 baldcypresses, the state tree of Louisiana and also a great favorite of mine on its own merits). The timing for planting trees is a bit risky--I think we're going to have to water every day or every other day until October--but it'll be awesome to get a good start on a shade tree on the southwest (currently very exposed) corner of the house. The second one is back by the pond, where its destiny is to ultimately replace the nasty old sugar hackberry under which it is currently planted.

In other plant news, I want to record 3 more tree decisions before we forget them. (1) we're going to phase out the rotten ligustrum on the southeast corner of the house with a Cordia, which is a dark-green-leaved tree with striking white flowers. (2) The pagoda tree that Matt & I grew from seeds gathered from a tree in the French Quarter (growing up at the top of the stairs by Cafe du Monde, if that's familiar to anyone) is going to go on the back southwest corner of the yard to replace the stupid adolescent chinaberry that was growing through the old hurricane fence. (3) We're going to replace the other (oddly lanky) ligustrum by the cactus house with a Eucalyptus robusta. Not anytime soon, of course. But eventually.

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