Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To Do Before Xmas

Okay, as blog entries go, this one is pretty lame. But I need a central location to track everything I think I'm going to do in the next 5 days (ha!):

  • Paint furring strip in bathroom
  • Touch up living room baseboards
  • Clean upstairs carpet
  • Sort out guest room
  • More edging/mulch?
  • Prep xmas food for Vests/Ulrichs
  • Paint dining room ceiling
  • Move baseboards to hall
  • Install quarter-round
  • vacuum sofa
  • clean guest bath
  • Remove Poindexter's nub (heh heh.Actually just part of a door renovation project)
  • Move outdoor fridge
  • Move plants to orangery
  • Bathe cat
  • Clean study
  • Pick up linens
  • Clean indoor fridge
  • Install guest sink
  • Install guest toilet
  • Install guest tub

Once again, I have latex in my hair. I've been working on painting some baseboards that I had somehow never gotten to before. In the den, this entails painting around and under the Christmas tree, so you can imagine the opportunities for smearing latex all over the place.

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