Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Evolution of a Bathroom

I'd like to take a moment to rest on our laurels.

It's not that the bathroom's done, but it's so much doner than it has been. Compare, if you will, where we were and where we now are.

March 29 vs. Oct 10

Fresh paint, nice tile, new countertop, new light fixture, new cabinet knobs, painted shutters, new faucet, new mirror and frame...

It's so gratifying. Just so I can really glory in the transformation, I've recapped the evolution of the bathroom over the past 6 months in pictures.

Step 1: paint anything that stands still

Step 2: Replace hideous old tile counter and rotten grout.

Step 3: Replace depressing "Hollywood-style" light bar with shiny new brushed nickel fixture

Step 4: Add new framed mirror

Of course, we're not through. We still need to have the grey backsplash and tub surround re-finished to match the trim, we need to install a light/vent combo by the tub, I need to make the valance for the window, and we need to put in a modest crown molding.

Still, it's finally beginning to gesture towards what it will look like when it's complete, and it no longer has that makeshift, construction-project feel to it.

Coming soon: The Doors, live.

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