Monday, August 27, 2007

New Chandelier

Forgot to mention last night that we picked up a new chandelier for the dining room. I was at Lowe's (dear Lowe's!) looking for a replacement light fixture for this anomalous--and broken--little fixture we've got sort of slapped up at random on the kitchen ceiling.

They were apparently switching out their inventory, because they had very little in the way of oil-rubbed-bronze-trimmed dome lights, much to my disappointment. However, they did have this tasty little number:
Rust-finished 5-light chandelier with amber crushed glass shades

Stylish, no? You can't tell from the picture, but the shades contain little chips of different-colored glass--mostly browns and tans, but also little flecks of red! So appropriate!

Matt & I had tentatively mooted about the idea of replacing the fan in the dining room with a nice chandelier to make the whole thing a little more dining-roomish, but we hadn't come to any firm decision. However, the chandelier (normally $140) was on sale: guess the price!

(Okay, you have to highlight the empty space above to see the price. It was so ridiculously low, I felt it deserved a kind of dramatic reveal.)

Yowza. That's monumentally cheap.

So even though it wasn't in our (tightly regulated) budget, and Matt and I hadn't had the chance to discuss it, I felt morally obliged to purchase it. If we can't use it, someone or other among our friends and family might be able to.

I think it is going to work out though. Here's what I like about it: It combines a clean-lined but antique look with a hint of contemporary urban sophistication. In this way, I think, it harmonizes with our bamboo floors, high ceilings, wavery-glassed windows, and Ikea furniture. It's a combination of old and new. Also, I like the little red flecks.

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